Sunday, December 4, 2016

Jaded Blossom Challenge/Rak

Hey there crafty friends!!
Yes, yes....its been another long crafting drought for me!!!  I'm hoping to change that a little bit this month and in the coming months as well.  
This year Christmas will be a little different for us because I am currently unemployed.  I lost my job that I held for 15 years to overseas outsourcing.  It wasn't unexpected and if it had to happen it came at a convenient time as both my parents and inlaws have needed lots of extra help the past few months.  Anyhoo......I've long been trying to change up the way we do things for Christmas around here.  So this year since money is a little tight and instead of spending money on impractical trinkets just so we can open presents, we've decided to go a different route.  I'm just going to do various RAK's throughout the month...throughout the year really....of inexpensive little gestures to unsuspecting people. may be someone in need or it may be just a RAK is suppose to be.  
This first one is just a funny little random one!!

So a few weeks ago someone I used to work with posted on her FB page that she was in search of these:

So the other day i'm out shopping and i just so happen to spot 2 boxes of these and I was like oh...Annie was looking for these....and that is when I started thinking of this whole RAK thing for Christmas.  They are pretty inexpensive, She was looking for them, We haven't worked together for a very long it would be something that she would not be expecting at all....hopefully it will make her happy...and maybe it will inspire her to pass along the good deed.  If made me happy!!  ha ha ha!!!

This little gift is also serving a dual purpose.  Today starts a new challenge at Jaded Blossom!!  I haven't really been able to participate in these much the past year or so.  The timing for this was pretty perfect as well!!
I used lots of JB goodies for this project:

We are also planning to "adopt" a family in need as well....more on that to come later!

Have a fantastic day!!


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  2. Very cool, love this idea! Hope you find the perfect job next year ;)

  3. Great project, and very thoughtful!

  4. SWEET project idea!!! Thanks for playing along at Jaded Blossom!

  5. Nice and cute tag ! Thanks so much for joining in the Jaded Blossom Challenge this month !

    Michelle ~ JB Owner

  6. I love your idea of doing more RAK--that's a great idea-- sometimes it's definitely more about the thoughts than the actual items!

  7. Awesome idea and project!! Thanks for playing along at Jaded Blossom!

  8. Super fun gift!!! Thank you for playing in the Jaded Blossom December challenge!

  9. That is so fun! Love how you created the card holder with the envelope die! Thanks for playing along at Jaded Blossom!