Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Ticket Booklet

Hey there crafty friends!
I can't believe we are just days away from Christmas!!!
My sister had asked me to make her some kind of coupons for a gift idea she had for her secret santa recipient.  She asked me to do this back before Thanksgiving and I was like sure no problem...plenty of time. RIGHT!!  Where the heck did this month go??  Needless to say I put this little project together in a hurry.  I would have loved to have added a little more pizzazz to it.  But this will have to do.  The persons whose name she picked loves those little butterscotches..or haystacks.  The cookies made with the chinese noodles and butterscotch..anyhoo...She wanted little coupons she could give her to redeem for a batch for each of the next 12 months.  Well now...I didn't have the Jaded Blossom Ticket Book Die...but this gave me the perfect opportunity to say, Hey!!  I really need this now :).  Not that I've ever really needed an excuse before!!  

So here you have it!  This was the top cover:

and here are the rest of the tickets!

Aside from the ticket book die, I also used sentiments from Merry and Bright and Baked with Love from my Jaded Blossom collection!
Now, you might be wondering where are these beautiful papers and cutouts came from!!!  They come from my favorite digital scrapbooking company Nitwit Collections!!!  I didn't keep track of all the different files I used...but they are all AWESOME!!!  Their png files are so easy to use as print and cuts on your Silhouette Cameo and the paper prints out beautifully on my epson printer!!!  Since I discovered this I use them all the time!  I work 80+hrs a week right now...so spare time is very rare and these are so quick and easy!!

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